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Thank you for visiting our American Rattan & Wicker company lines of furniture and products. We specialize in high quality, very unique furniture that you seldom find in your local furniture store. Our natural furniture products such as the indoor Rattan and Wicker, the Rosewood furniture, and the Asian lines are all built of 100% natural products. Our outdoor lines are in the very upscale category and we offer a great selection there as well. Many of our offerings are built here in the U.S.A. and all of our upholstery work is done here.

Indoor and Outdoor Rattan & Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture - Scheduled to be
fully ready by Spring 2014

Solid Rare Rosewood Furniture

Unique Asian and Chinese Furniture from the Far East

The amazing Magic Karaoke Microphone

"Offering very unique and high quality home furnishings at the lowest possible prices. Providing safe nationwide delivery, while providing unmatched attention to customer service".
Mark and Bebe Mosher, Founders

2006 timeframe, our crew with Dan, Eric, and myself taking a break after unloading another container for the showroom. We still maintain a showroom today in North Carolina, but most of our furniture is shipped direct from the manufacturers. Amazingly, we ship most orders free to to customers all over the United States. (I'm in the middle of photo)

Thank you for visiting our American Rattan & Wicker network of companies. I started my first unique furnishings business (a brick and mortar showroom company) in Sacramento, Ca. while on retirement leave from the Air Force in 2001. On September 11th, 2001 I was called back into active duty service and my business venture was put on hold. Later in 2002, after more than 21 years of honorable service, the Air Force again approved my retirement. While in the Air Force, I took on a few web design projects for our squadron, and I started using that experience to build a website offering our unique furniture. It wasn't long when that website began to greatly outperform our showroom. Today, the vast majority of our products are sold through our websites. Our philosophy in those early years is the same as it is today: "Offer unique and high quality furniture and products at the lowest possible prices, ship safely, and provide outstanding customer service".

Today, we are still selling the same unique furniture lines that I started with back in 2001. Beautiful indoor wicker and rattan, outdoor patio furniture, and solid hardwood furniture in the Rosewood and Asian lines. Every home can use some unique items to spruce things up and thats where we come in. When you shop with our company you can rest assured that your satisfaction is our goal. We have a knowledgeable, friendly staff of people to discuss your options with, and the safest delivery options available in the industry.

Again, thank you for stopping by and please let me know if I can ever be of assistance with any questions about our company line of products.

~Mark Mosher

Please give us a call at 1-888-265-4695 or email:

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